more than a home


Nagpur’s train station 20 minutes away

Connect with your community, Nagpur, India and the world.

Feel connected in a myriad of ways - personally, collectively, professionally, virtually, physically and mentally.

Connect with friends, family and colleagues within Ensaara on foot; with nature in the welcoming, peaceful parks and green areas; with your spiritual side in the temple complex; with the virtual world through high speed Internet, high definition cable and TV; with Nagpur city centre by car or public transport; with India by train or plane, and the rest of the world by air - the international airport being only 6.5 km away.

At Ensaara, you will always be in touch with everyone and everything important to you.

Close to Nagpur city centre Text Cycle paths throughout Ensaaara Metropark


Neighbourhood clubs with swimming pools

Members Only Clubhouse
Ensaara will have its own members-only clubhouse with indoor and outdoor facilities, a climate-controlled indoor sports complex and a sports academy with professional coaches.

The indoor sports complex will include an indoor pool, a mini football pitch, squash, tennis and badminton courts, basketball courts, indoor cricket facilities and a large gymnasium. It will be usable all-year round - including during the monsoon season, hot summers and cold winters.

The Clubhouse will also have a bar, both family and specialty restaurants, a crèche and card, pool and billiards rooms.
In addition, it will feature a business centre with conference rooms, meeting lounges and a health spa, and will have rooms to stay in. Outside there will also be tennis courts and football pitches, and a full-size cricket pitch.

Residents’ Neighbourhood Clubs
The metropark will also have neighbourhood club facilities, for residents’ use, which will feature a gymnasium, an outdoor swimming pool, a community hall, a games room and open sports ground.

Member’s only clubhouse Neighbourhood clubs with swimming pools

Green World

Views to enjoy

Ensaara will be a wonderful ‘green’ environment for children and adults alike.

Parks and Gardens

There will be pocket parks and themed gardens dotted throughout the metropark - all joined together by a network of pathways, jogging trails, bike paths and nature trails. Landscaped gardens of varying sizes and designs will feature benches, pergolas and shade-giving canopies. Special landscape features of mounds and trees will create a buffer from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding streets and enhance your sense of serenity.

Vegetable Plots and Farmers Market

A central farmers market will not only provide you with a place to buy fresh, community-grown produce but will become a venue to gather, meet new friends and chat, and browse stalls for local crafts, handmade jewellery and local paintings. Ensaara will have a number of vegetable plots and orchards dotted throughout it and these will supply the central farmers market with produce.

Pocket parks and themed gardens Vegetable plots and orchards

Lake and Water Features

Your own lake to enjoy during the evening

Ensaara’s large lake will become a key focus of the community -
a place to breathe fresh air and enjoy open views. The lake edge will be active, providing promenades, walks and boating facilities. Plazas and cafés will spill onto the lake edge, creating a beautiful destination for your entire family. The metropark will also contain other water features - such as streams, fountains, ornamental ponds and infinity-edge, resort-style pools.

Your own lake to enjoy during the day Lake-side dining facilities

‘Green’ Features

Roof-mounted solar panels
  • Heat gain protection: Thermal, low VOC exterior paint will not only protect the buildings but will provide insulation against heat gain, helping keep rooms at a comfortable temperature.
  • Rainwater harvesting and recycling: Storm and rainwater will be harvested and stored for use in public and private gardens.
  • Optimal daylight and shade: Properties with a north siting will benefit from optimal daylight and shade, which will not only make houses more comfortable but will also reduce the demand on air conditioning and fans. Buildings have also been positioned as far as possible to shade one another. Furthermore, Ensaara will feature thousands of trees, which will help to block direct sunlight.
  • Underground water storage: Soil acts as an insulator so water will be stored below ground at an ambient temperature. This will mean you will benefit from comfortable showers with lower cooling/heating/energy requirements.
  • Heat insulation: Roof gardens, balconies and terrace gardens will reduce the surface temperatures of buildings and heat gain, and double-glazed window units will help keep interiors insulated.
  • Solar power: There will be roof-mounted solar panels to save your geyser bills in winter.
  • Walk to work and school: A network of pedestrian and cycle paths will reduce your reliance on cars, saving fuel and the environment.
  • Integrated sustainable thinking: Ensaara has been designed based on the Gold Certificate guidelines of the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) and the whole metropark has been envisioned using integrated sustainable thinking, solutions, initiatives and materials.


Enjoy cultural events

Ensaara will provide inspiration for young and old, and through nature and the arts.

A substantial public park devoted to biodiversity, and featuring a sensory garden, will showcase the world of nature and provide an educational botanical tour through a landscape of plants and water. Various other themed parks will encourage you and your children to explore your world. The themes will focus on local culture and legends, history and sciences, and will be designed to encourage learning through play and interaction.

Other parks and public spaces throughout the community will include sculptures, and will showcase local artists. To encourage local art and to inspire the young, a sculpture plaza will include spaces for art classes and a gallery for temporary sculpture displays. Ensaara will also have its own arts and cultural centre and a lawned function square with a stage, which will provide the setting for a range of pubic events.

Sensory garden Indulge your hobbies Ensaara’s own Sculpture Park


Video entryphones for guest entry

You’ll feel safe, secure and protected at Ensaara.

We’ll have access barriers and manned security posts at all of the four major points of entry to the metropark; security teams patrolling the park night and day and controlling access to the residential zones; an alarm system in your home (with a direct connection to central security), CCTV with intercom connections for guest entry in all buildings and web cameras throughout the site, which will be monitored 24/7 by the control security team.

Security patrols - night and day Feel protected

Dedicated Utilities

Ensaara will have a dedicated express feeder from Maharashtra State Electricity Board, its own electric sub-stations and receiving station, and power back-up systems for all common areas, lifts and pumps. Luxora Infrastructure is developing the internal distribution and individual units will be supplied power directly by an approved operator.

There will also be a direct water pipeline, with sufficient capacity and reliable and uninterrupted supply from the Nagpur Municipal Corporation through a dedicated water supply main. Luxora Infrastructure is also developing the internal distribution pipeline through which individual units will be supplied water directly.

Sewage Treatment
The metropark will have its own dedicated state-of-the art sewage treatment plants, servicing the whole of Ensaara.



Ensaara’s own shuttle bus service

Ensaara has been designed to cater for both motorists and those using public transport. It will feature ample residential and public car parking bays/zones throughout the park and there will be a petrol station, located on Ensaara’s east side.

There will also be an on-site bus station with regular services to and from Nagpur city centre - from early morning to late evening. A shuttle bus service will link all of the neighbourhoods to the central facilities with a frequent and comfortable service.

Emergency Services

A hospital and poly clinics on site

Ensaara will have its own:

  • Police station
  • Fire station
  • Large, multi-specialty hospital, with an ambulance service for emergencies.

Facility Management and Maintenance

Well-maintained environment

Ensaara will have its own facility management and maintenance teams based on site, who will ensure that the metropark and your property are well managed and properly maintained.

Dedicated facility management team

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