design principles

Designed for Nagpur’s climate

  • Comfortable temperatures throughout the year: Most properties will have a north-east facing aspect to avoid the worst of the infrared radiated heat from the south and west.
  • Optimal daylight and shade: Properties with a north siting will benefit from optimal daylight and shade, which will not only make houses more comfortable but will also reduce the demand on air conditioning and fans. Buildings have also been positioned as far as possible to shade one another. Furthermore, Ensaara will feature thousands of trees, which will help to block direct sunlight.
  • Low density housing: Low-density housing means there will be about 150 acres of open space within which there will be about 40 acres of parkland and water bodies. Because green areas absorb the sun’s heat, Ensaara will effectively be a heat sink island and will be a cooler place to live than the more built-up central Nagpur.
  • Insulated glazing: Double-glazed windows - which are monsoon, sound, dust and weather proof - will be larger in size and mainly north facing, to take into account the cloudy months during the monsoon and the fierce sun during the mid-summer months.
  • Heat gain protection: Thermal exterior paint will not only protect the buildings but will provide insulation against heat gain, helping keep rooms at a comfortable temperature.

Shade-giving trees

Built-in safety and security

  • Peace of mind: To provide you with peace of mind all of Ensaara’s properties will feature a combination of security devices, such as intercom door entry phones, smoke alarms in apartment lifts and entrance lobbies, gas leak detectors in kitchens and panic alarm buttons in master bedrooms.
  • Pest protection: To prevent insects and pests, all properties will have mosquito net shutters and metal pest free jallis closing off all vertical pipes cutting through building slabs.

Video entryphones for security

Water and heat management

  • Ambient water temperature throughout the year: Soil acts as an insulator so water will be stored below ground at an ambient temperature. This will mean you will benefit from comfortable showers with lower cooling/heating/energy requirements.
  • Power shower: Hydro-pneumatic systems in each building will supply water at a uniform, high pressure of two bars to all floors and apartments, so that all homes will enjoy a true power shower.
  • Heat insulation: Roof gardens, balconies and terrace gardens will reduce the surface temperatures of buildings and heat gain.
  • Solar power: There will be roof-mounted solar panels to save your geyser bills in winter.
  • Integrated sustainable thinking: Ensaara has been designed based on the Gold Certificate guidelines of the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) and the whole metropark has been envisioned using integrated sustainable thinking, solutions, initiatives and materials.

Solar heating

Dedicated utilities for peace of mind

  • 24/7 power supply: You’ll be assured of a 24/7 reliable and uninterrupted power supply due to a dedicated express feeder from the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd (MSEDCL).
  • Power back-up: There will also be diesel powered back-up generators provided for the common areas of all apartment buildings. These generators feature auto main failure panels whose sensors pick up a drop in the powersupply and start automatically when a power outage occurs.
  • High quality lifts: Apartment buildings will have lifts which will take you from the ground to higher floors quickly. In the event of a power cut the lifts will be installed with an automatic rescue service feature, which will return them to the next nearest floor and open the doors.
  • Dedicated water supply: Water will be supplied to Ensaara via a direct water pipeline, with sufficient capacity and a reliable and uninterrupted supply, from the Nagpur Municipal Corporation through a dedicated water supply main. A dedicated water purifier, fitted in each home, will ensure that you and your family will have clean and safe potable water at all times.
  • State-of-the-art technology: Ensaara will have its own state-of-the-art sewage treatment plants incorporating the latest technology, and fibre optic cables for broadband, TV and telecom lines.
Uninterrupted water supply

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